Earlybooking 2021

Why not try a boating holiday next year ?

earlybooking 2021 en

Why book your 2021 cruise now?

More choice of boat, destination and dates 🍀

Pay 2020 prices before 2021 prices are published 💰

Our 15% early booking discount can be combined up to -20%* 📅

This type of holiday is 100% safe 🙏


Is this type of holiday suitable at the moment?

Yes, no need to worry. A canal or river cruise is the ideal holiday in the current context: you cruise in a small group, far from crowds and busy tourist areas, our boats are disinfected between each cruise.

What happens if my cruise cannot take place because of Covid 19 ?

If your cruise has to be cancelled due to one of the cases of force majeure below, you will have the possibility to be reimbursed or to postpone your cruise to a later date. Government measures restricting travel prevent you or a member of your crew, departing due to one of the following situations :

- a ban by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on travelling to your destination area
- a lockdown measure or a limitation of travel
- a quarantine measure implemented in your destination area or on your return (country of residence)

Or if we are unable to insure your departure as a result of a government decision.


And if I am not concerned by one of the above reasons but still wish to cancel my cruise due to the current situation. What happens?

If the cancellation of your cruise does not concern one of the above reasons, then we will apply our general rental conditions.


If I or someone in my crew falls ill with Covid, what happens?

If your doctor diagnoses you or a member of your crew as being ill from Covid your cancellation will be covered by cancellation insurance (4% of the rental price which will be offered to you at the time of booking).

Contact our sales department
By phone on
00 33 (3).
By e-mail at enquiries@lescanalous.co.uk

*valid for a minimum stay of one week from our Canalous bases in France: Canal du Midi (Carcassonne, Homps, Colombiers, Agde or Carnon) - Burgundy (Digoin, Châtillon-en-Bazois, Mailly-le-Château, Briare, Louhans, Pontailler-sur-Saône) - Alsace (Languimberg - Waltenheim-sur-Zorn) - Charente (Cognac) - Lot (Luzech) - Brittany (Redon) - Pays de la Loire (Chenillé-Changé)