River cruise on the lakes of northeast Germany from Lübz

Hire a boat in the heart of the Mecklenburg region

The Mecklenburg region, famous for its 33 lakes, is considered to be Germany’s best destination for licence free houseboat trips. On the Elde Canal, you’ll find plenty of monuments to visit, mainly dating from the medieval period. Rheinsberg Castle and the medieval tower at Plau are just some of the places to visit on a trip to the heart of the region.

The state capital, Schwerin, is just 60km from the Lübz base. It’s a must-see for the breathtaking castle and tourist attractions this charming town has to offer.

This region is ideal for a boat trip with your family and children, who will be able to play freely, but also as a couple in these romantic landscapes. Do you like travelling with your dog ? You’ll love this peaceful spot, where it can stretch its legs during your stopovers.

From our base in Lübz, sail into the heart of nature

lternating between vast lakes, canals, forests, fields and typical villages, you’re sure to make some wonderful discoveries. Navigating the wide waters of lakes requires a little more attention than when you’re sailing on a canal or river. But what a joy it is to drop anchor in the middle of the lake and dive in for a swim in the region’s pristine waters. Each of the lakes you will cross promises magnificent sunrises and sunsets, each one different from the next.

The houseboats available at the Lübz base can be hired without a licence. However, you will be given a 3‑hour training course so that you can master your boat properly before setting off on your adventure with family or friends.

A voir :

  • Schwerin castle
  • Lake Plauer See
  • Müritz aquarium : Müritzeum
  • The Müritz bear sanctuary

Suggested itineraries :

Week-end :

Lübz – Kuppentin – Plau – Lübz : 44 km – 8 locks – 8 h

Lübz – Burow – Neuburg – Slate – Parchim – Lübz : 52 km – 2 locks – 8.5 h


Lübz – Burow – Neuburg – Parchim – Matzlow-Garwitz – Lübz : 76 km – 4 locks- 13 h

Week :

Lübz – Kuppentin – Plau – Malchow – Jabel – Waren – Röbel – Lübz : 84 km – 10 locks- 19 h

Lübz – Burow – Neuburg – Parchim – Schwerin – Lübz : 149 km – 8 locks – 27 h