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From Redon, discover the enchanting beauty of Brittany, the home of Merlin. As you travel to the west towards the Atlantic make a stop at Malestroit to admire its wooden houses. Further on, visit the magnificent castles of Josselin and Rohan. All along your trip there is the possibility to stay at guesthouses in order to take the time to discover this beautiful countryside.Take this opportunity to taste local food served with cider or Muscadet such as grilled lobster or ‘à l’Armoricaine”, “cotriade” (stewed fish), “beurre blanc” (white butter) sauce and the delicious “crêpes bretonnes”. Daily supplies are readily available.

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A little bit of Brittany
A little bit of Brittany (5D Mark II) from Romain World Tour on Vimeo.
Tourism High Brittany
Redon in Upper Brittany by HauteBretagne

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Departure bases in the region