Pontailler sur Saône, « The green and blue country »

Located at the confluence of the Saone, the Marne-Saône Canal, the rivers Albane, Bèze, Vingennae and Ognon, and based at the foot of the Mount Ardoux, Pontailler sur Saône offers spectacular views and is perfect for fishermen.
Ognon is an ideal place to take a small canoeing trip. This city, which is found between the Burgundy and the Franche Comté, is also one of the best places to enjoying bathing in the river.
The water is of good quality and during the summertime the beach is patrolled by lifeguards. A true delight for lovers of nature, or those who enjoy peace and quiet.


To see: fishing house, arts house, the farm in the forest (tastings), the fortified village of Pesmes, the forest of Châlonnais (2nd hunting area in France, Gallic vestiges, resurgences), the Mount Ardoux, local markets with local product.

To taste: pôchouse (fresh water fish bouillabaisse), spotted ham, Dijon mustard.

To know: In Maxilly on the Saone, a professional fisherman gives lessons on fly fishing, fishing with catfish, etc… He is one of the last professional fishermen to supply a restaurant with his catches.

Most Important: village and caves of Bèzes, with remains of Bèze and galleries of craftsmen.

Navigation on the Saône
The Saone slips between the hills of the famous vineyards of the Chalonnaise coast, Mâcon and Beaujolais, then passes lawily through the fortified cities. A true paradise for fishermen, the low slope and regular flow make this a calm and gentle waterway.

Channel from the Marne to the Saône
This beautiful canal allows one to relax and enjoy the absolute calm that comes with a boating holiday. Open your eyes and look around you, you will see a multitude of birds such as a heron, or a blue tit. At its Southern end, the canal is lined with magnificent castles.



Photographe Assénat
Pierre Assénat left with his family and friends for an inland cruise on a Tarpon, from the base in Pontailler-sur-Saône. Discover thanks to Canalous the scenery and the joy of navigating along the Burgundy waterways!
GlobalGrasshopper goes boating on the Saone, in France, courtesy of FPP Holidays

Tourist attractions

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Discover all our tourist information from Pontailler-sur-Saône. Discover Pontailler-sur-Saône, the city of the fishermen and the renowned vineyards of the region. Rent a boat without licence and relax by navigating the canal of the Marne to the Saône in the heart of the Burgundian nature.

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Suggestions for cruises from Pontailler sur Saône

Pontailler sur Saône – St Jean de Losne – Pontailler sur Saône : 74 km – 4 locks – 10 hours

Mini week
Pontailler sur Saône – Savoyeux – Pontailler sur Saône : 114 km – 12 locks – 14 hours
Pontailler sur Saône – Dôle – Pontailler sur Saône : 104 km – 22 locks – 18 hours

One week
Pontailler sur Saône – Dijon – Pontailler sur Saône : 136 km – 48 locks – 30 hours
Pontailler s/Saône – Chalon s/Saône – Pontailler sur Saône : 194 km – 8 locks – 20 hours
Pontailler s/Saône – Scey s/Saône – Pontailler sur Saône : 208 km – 22 locks – 28 hours

One week one-way
Pontailler – Chagny – Louhans : 213 km – 33 locks – 31 hours

Two weeks
Pontailler s/Saône – St Léger sur Dheune – Louhans – Pontailler sur Saône : 411 km – 50 locks – 55 hours
Pontailler s/Saône – Montchanin – Pontailler sur Saône : 294 km – 78 locks – 54 hours
Pontailler s/Saône – Corre – Pontailler sur Saône : 310 km – 34 locks – 40 hours
Pontailler s/Saône – Besançon – Pontailler sur Saône : 218 km – 66 locks – 44 hours

In 4 weeks: Circuit of Burgundy
Departing Pontailler sur Saône by the Canal du Nivernais, the Yonne, Burgundy Canal, the Saone, the Canal du Centre.

In 5 weeks: the large loop
Departing from Pontailler sur Saône, the side channel of the Loire, Briare canal, the Canal du Loing, Yonne, Burgundy Canal, the Saone, the Canal du Centre.

Boats departing from this base

Tarpon 42 TP
Tarpon 49 QP
Tarpon 37 DP
Tarpon 42
Tarpon 37
Tarpon 32
Riviera 1130
Nicols 900
Riviera 750
Espade Concept Fly
Linssen Vlet 1030
Linssen Yacht 36
Triton 1050
Eau Claire 1130
Espade 850 Fly
Triton 860 Fly
Haines Rive 40
Penichette 935 W
Penichette 1107 W
LaPeniche P
LaPeniche F

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