French specialist in canal boat holidays since 1982

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FPP TRAVEL is an agency specializing in river and canal tourism, created by a small group of enthusiasts eager to share the many joys of cruising on license free boats, and discovering the hidden treasures of different regions.

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A rich network of 34 years experience in the design, manufacturing rental of river and canal boats 40 bases in France and Europe
40 possible one-way cruises
More than 70 models of boat - 0 to 5 cabins
4 ranges of comfort to meet the needs and budgets of everyone

With departure bases all over France and Europe, you will surely find a cruise that will suit you and your crew with FPP Travel.

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Carte des bases

Rohan Saint Nicolas des Eaux Long Montreux-Château Carcassonne Homps Agde Carnon Colombiers Luzech Cahors Cognac Digoin Chatillon en bazois chateauneuf sur sarthe Mailly-le-Château Briare Pontailler sur Saône Louhans Redon Chenillé Le Mans, La Suze sur Sarthe Pont à bar Waltenheim sur Zorn Languimberg Woubrugge Chioggia Marano Furstenberg Rybina Slesin Kalyasin Dolgoprudny Stone Bellanaleck Carrick-on-shannon Banagher Porto Sjotorp Söderköping Casseneuil