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On the Canal du Centre, the river Charente, the river Lot, the Canal de Midi… or on a waterway in a foreign country in Europe.

Our bases are located in France: Burgundy, Charente, Brittany, Lot en Quercy, Anjou/Pays de Loire, Ardennes, Alsace/Lorraine, Camargue, Languedoc-Roussillon, and Europe in Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Poland and Belgium.

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FPP TRAVEL is an agency specializing licence-free boats hire and in river and canal tourism, created by a small group of enthusiasts eager to share the many joys of cruising on license free boats, and discovering the hidden treasures of different regions.
A rich network of 34 years experience in the design, manufacturing rental of river and canal boats 40 bases in France and Europe
40 possible one-way cruises
More than 70 models of boat – 0 to 5 cabins
4 ranges of comfort to meet the needs and budgets of everyone

With departure bases all over France and Europe, you will surely find a cruise that will suit you and your crew with FPP Travel.

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FRANCE POLSKA DEUTSCHLAND SVERIGE ENGLAND IRELAND PORTUGAL ITALIA BELGIË Digoin Louhans Pontailler sur-Saône Waltenheim sur-Zorn Languimberg Pont-à-Bar Dinant Fürstenberg Bernburg Chioggia Marano Rybina Ś lesin Redon Chenillé Changé Cognac Luzech Porto Banagher Bellanaleck Stone Sjötorp Söderköping Carrick-on-Shannon Carnon Agde Colombiers Carcassonne Homps Châteauneuf sur-Sarthe Châtillon en-Bazois Briare Bordeaux Toulouse Marseille Venice Roma Genova Milano Turino Lyon Paris Bruxelles Berlin Stockholm London Dublin Rohan Saint Nicolas des Eaux Mailly-le-Château Angers RUSSIA MOSCOW Porsgrunn


Departure for one week and more:
Departure days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you can, choose a departure during the week, as our team will have more time to spend with you. Reception from 3 pm. No reception will be possible before then. Boarding from 4pm to 7pm. except in Italy from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Return at 9 am. In Poland, reception on Sundays at 12pm, return Saturday at 12 pm.

2 day week end :
Reception on Saturday at 10 am (if the boat is available, you can board on Friday at 4 pm) except in Italy, reception on Friday at 3:00 p.m. Boarding on saturday from 10am to 11am. Return on Monday at 9 am.

Mini week :
Reception on Monday from 3pm. Boarding from 4pm to 6pm. Return on Friday at 9am (except in Italy)

NB : in Italy week ends and mini weeks are confirmed 30 days before departure.

“We will give you a warm welcome”


Then there will be some paper work to do (temporary licence, inventory and boarding). Altogether with the instruction, it will take about two hours before you can leave.

Try to arrive an hour before the departure time as this will give you time to do any neccessary supply shopping.

Be aware that most of our boats that leave in the afternoon will have been returned that morning. So there is no need to arrive too early.